Core Competencies

We specialize in working with our customers to design award-winning products, but we don’t stop there.  We are master pattern drafters, product developers, and have developed a powerful process by which we combine product design with development.  This is Vertical Design.


Each of our design projects are unique and based entirely on our clients specific design needs.  During the design phase of the projects we leverage all of the tools in our kit; digital renders, analog sketching and quick mock-ups.  The results are always not just impressive, but give our clients just what they are looking for; success.


This is the fun part!  Our studio workshop is equipped with modern machinery and our advanced pattern-making skills enable us to build an exact replicas prototype of the design. This enables us to test and evolve ideas, adjust concepts and refine designs to reflect our client's expectations.  We have found this to be a particularly robust process.  Design, build, test, repeat!

Factory Liaison

Our expert sample making capability enables our manufacturing partners to quickly produce a counter-sample and price.  This nearly seamless continuum from design to prototype to manufacturer ensures that products are delivered on time and on budget.


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